New president of Nordic Youth Council: “We’re thinking with a long-term perspective – we’re the ones who have to live with the consequences”

29.10.23 | News
Anders Hansen i talarstolen på Ungdomens Nordiska Råds session i Oslo 2023.

Anders Hansen valdes till president för Ungdomens Nordiska Råd på deras session i Oslo.

Emma Reijonen
The Nordic Youth Council held its annual session in Oslo over the weekend. During the session, a new president was elected – Denmark’s Anders Hansen from Nordens Liberale Ungdom.

“It feels amazing to be trusted with this role – the session as a whole voted for me as president, and I’m incredibly happy about that. I’m looking forward to starting work,” says Hansen.

He says that he would like to build on the excellent work of his predecessor Rasmus Emborg over the last two years as president. Last year, the Nordic Youth Council gained the right to attend and speak at all Nordic Council meetings, which is a big step towards being able to have more influence over policy. Hansen says that he sees a great responsibility in making use of the new position that the Nordic Youth Council has now achieved.

“We’re going to focus heavily on getting more speaking time at the Nordic Council’s meetings and making sure that we’re really heard so that we can leave our mark on the policies being pursued in the Nordics.”

In response to the question on what is the Nordic Youth Council’s message to the Nordic Council’s parliamentarians, which have their own Session during the coming week, Hansen answers after a short pause for thought:

“We’re thinking with a long-term perspective – we’re the ones who have to live with the consequences.”

Focus on foreign policy, climate, and mobility

During the session of the Nordic Youth Council, several resolutions were adopted on foreign policy and the climate, which according to Hansen are the two most engaging issues right now.

“With everything that’s happening in the world right now – the war in Ukraine, and now during the last few weeks the war between Israel and Hamas – there’s a keen focus on foreign policy. We had many resolutions regarding these issues that arrived at the last moment,” he says.

Climate policy is also something that young people are preoccupied with. There has, for example, been debate about establishing more wind and solar farms in order to produce emission-free energy, as well as about how to ensure green transport between the Nordic countries.

“Many young people are deeply worried about the climate situation and what it means for their own future and for future generations,” Hansen points out.

A third topic that the Nordic Youth Council has an especially keen focus on is increasing student mobility between the Nordic countries.

“We want it to be even easier for all Nordic young people to study in another Nordic country.”

Anders Hansen will take over as president of the Nordic Youth Council in January 2024 when the mandate of the current president Rasmus Emborg ends.

The Nordic Youth Council holds its annual session in conjunction with the Session of the Nordic Council. Representatives of the Nordic Youth Council participate in all committee meetings and in plenary at the Session of the Nordic Council and have the right to speak in all debates.