Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize to energy company SEV

27.10.15 | News
Vinder af Nordisk Råds natur- og miljøpris 2015
Magnus Froderberg/
The Faroese energy company SEV was awarded the Nature and Environment Prize at the ceremony in Reykjavík.

SEV Director Hákun Djurhuus was handed the Northern Lights statuette and DKK 350,000 prize by last year’s winner, Mayor of Reykjavík Dagur B. Eggertsson.

The Adjudication Committee wrote:

“The prize goes to the Faroese electricity company SEV for its ambitious targets and innovation. SEV’s work is not only important for the phasing in of renewable energy in the Faroe Islands, but also for the European grid as a whole. 

Its ambitious targets and the creative nature of its efforts to reduce dependency on fossil fuels make SEV a worthy recipient of the Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize 2015.”