The war in Ukraine in a Climate perspective

09.11.22 | News
Andreas Omvik
Focus where on the war in Ukraine when Nefco and The Nordic Investment Bank hosted each their arrangement at the Nordic Pavilion at COP27. Here they tried to get a grip around: how to rebuild Ukraine to become a green society and: how countries through a green transition can become independent of fossil energy and enhance their security.

Debate: Building back greener and better in Ukraine

Severe damage has been caused to people, infrastructure and the environment in Ukraine, and the illegal and unprovoked war will have a long-lasting adverse effect on the climate, biodiversity and food security. Although no one knows when the war will end, we must start working on the reconstruction. Both short-term and long-term action is needed, and there is also an opportunity to modernise Ukraine and help the country towards a carbon-neutral future. What is known about the environmental impact at this stage? How can we ensure a sustainable recovery? How do we channel financing to appropriate measures? What role can Ukrainian municipalities play to speed up and enhance the building back of their communities?

Host: Nefco  

Municipalities are keys when it comes to rebuild Ukraine. Nefco is willing to play our role in this and increase the capacity building programs for a green future for Ukraine  

Trond Moe, managing Director at Nefco

Debate: In antici­pation of a greener spring

The war in Ukraine is emphasizing the need for new renewable energy capacity and energy security, but how fast can we move? Are we risking the green transition by investing in short-term energy security? How fast we can transition to clean and renewable energy, and what are the realistic scenarios – both short and long term? Join us for a significant debate on one of the most pressing issues right now: energy security.

Host: Nordic Investment Bank

It’s great that the Nordic countries can agree on a green transition. But regulations that makes no sense stands in the way, and we must keep pushing the political decisionmakers to remove them  

Nadia Gullestrup Christensen, Chair at Danish Youth Climate Council