Washington buses driving round with Nordic men on paternity leave

26.02.13 | News
Nordic Cool
A major campaign in the USA is right now advertising the Nordic countries and Nordic core values. The Nordic tourist organisations and the Nordic Council of Ministers are behind the campaign Only in Scandinavia.

Residents in the Nordic countries are the happiest and freest. They are also the people who eat the most herring. These are some of the messages in a brand new campaign which aims to improve Americans' knowledge of the Nordic countries and the lifestyle of Nordic citizens over the next few weeks. The campaign is running simultaneously with the major cultural festival Nordic Cool in Washington.

Bus and subway passengers in the US capital will be able to take a look inside the Nordic self-image. Large banners on buses and subway stations tell, for example, that the residents in the Nordic countries are amongst the happiest in the world and that Nordic fathers have the world record in paternity leave.

The aim of the new campaign is to stamp the Nordic countries clearer and sharper in the American consciousness.  The campaign has therefore concentrated on presenting what stands out as being particularly Nordic. The funny, the subtle and the political.

The campaign, along with the cultural festival Nordic Cool, has already made headlines in most of the major US print and social media.