Anja Jacobsen

Anja Jacobsen
Mads Fisker
Anja Jacobsen is one of the 13 nominees for the 2023 Nordic Council Music Prize.


Over the past two decades, musician and composer Anja Jacobsen has stood out as a major and important force on the Danish music scene. She is the name behind Frk. Jacobsen, is a composer and leader in Valby Vokalgruppe, a co-composer and drummer in the experimental band Selvhenter, and a co-founder of Eget Værelse – one of the most significant collectives and thriving artist environments in the world of Danish music. With flexible rhythmic sequences and impressive creative energy, Anja Jacobsen often mixes the everyday with the surreal: It’s avant-garde meets pop music; punk meets folk music; free improvisation that meets strictly composed passages inspired by contemporary compositional music. And it’s music that you can feel, especially when you encounter it live on stage. She combines an avant-garde and experimental approach to playing and composing with a particular playful curiosity and ability to listen to her fellow players. Jacobsen speaks with a strong and important voice, and does so primarily because she always does it together with the others and insists that communities strengthen individuals.