Peter Uhrbrand

Peter Uhrbrand
Thisted Dagblad
Peter Uhrbrand is one of the 13 nominees for the 2023 Nordic Council Music Prize.


With his deeply serious approach to tradition, his openness, humility, curiosity, tireless playfulness and invaluable historical insight, fiddler Peter Uhrbrand is one of the most important keepers and developers of tradition in the Nordics. Since the 1970s, he has conveyed one of the Nordic Region’s strongest and most vibrant musical traditions: The unique music tradition of Sønderho on Fanø, unbroken for several decades. With his knowledge of and respect for the past, he carries this tradition into the future. Attentive to and knowledgeable about the historical prerequisites of music, he’s a voice for the many generations before him who have handed down their traditions. As witness to the development of culture, he interprets the heritage personally and without fear. The heart’s play, as Peter’s old master called the music, is thus carried on with Peter as guarantor of its respectful continuation. As a musician, human being and an inspiration, he has inspired and encouraged the further development of Nordic folk music in the general sense throughout several generations. With his open artistic mind, he is one of the few to take the music from Fanø far beyond the genre boundaries of folk music and let it encounter and enrich other music genres, art forms and cultures without giving up on the tradition at any point.