Nordic Day - sustainability and bridge-building

18.03.19 | News
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The Nordic Council of Ministers will be celebrating Nordic Day on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March. Throughout the Nordic Region, the Nordic Region in Focus will be marking the day with events and debates. Topics include the oceans and sustainability, and Nordic co-operation in an international context, which will look at the Nordic Region as an international bridge builder.

Iceland - Global goals and blue oceans

On the Friday, we will focus on the Nordic Region’s sustainable use of marine resources. The event will offer an insight into the challenge posed by plastic in our oceans. In 2019, the Icelandic presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers is focusing in particular on global goals and blue oceans. 

  • When and where: Friday 22 March from 09:00 to 12:00 at Nordic House in Reykjavik.

On Saturday, we will be celebrating the 100th birthday of the Norden Association. Author Kristín Eiríksdóttir, who has been nominated for the 2019 Nordic Council Literature Prize, will read from her book, and there will be talks on Nordic co-operation.

  • When and where: Saturday 23 March from 15:00 to 17:00 at Nordic House in Reykjavik.

Finland - The Nordic Region as a bridge builder

In Helsinki, we will host a debate on the Nordic Region as an international bridge builder, based on the report New Nordics - Modern Bridge Builders. This will serve as the basis for a debate between Nordic ambassadors in Finland on the role of the Nordic Region in a global context. 

  • Where: Nordic Culture Point, Kajsaniemigatan 9, 00100 Helsinki 

Denmark - The Nordic Region in a complex world

In Denmark, the Nordic ambassadors will evaluate Nordic co-operation in a world that is becoming increasingly complex. The new Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers Paula Lehtomäki will offer a networking event afterwards.

  • When and where: Friday 22 March from 14:00 to 15:30 at Nordic House in Copenhagen

Greenland - Snow sculptures and Nordic co-operation

Nordic Day will be celebrated in Greenland together with the snow sculpture festival in Nuuk. Nordic sculptors will compete to create the best sculptures made of snow. The purpose of the festival is to serve as a hub for diversity, creativity, and enjoyment.

  • When and where: The event will take place on Friday 22 March from 13:00 to 16:00 at Gamle Atlanthavn.

International - share your #TracesofNorth

There is a unique Nordic mindset and outlook on the world which has left its mark right across the globe. We call this “Traces of North”. Nordic Day marks the start of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ international branding project, The Nordics. This is a social media campaign where we invite everyone to share their Nordic stories using the hashtag #TracesofNorth.