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A MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING from The Nordic Tripartite Dialogue on the Green Transition on the Nordic Labour Market

28.11.23 | Deklaration
We, the representatives from the Nordic governments and the social partners in the Nordic countries, met in Reykjavík the 1st of December 2023 for a Nordic Tripartite Dialogue on the Green Transition on the Nordic Labour Market.



The dialogue took place under the Icelandic presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers with the aim to discuss green transition for all participants on the Nordic labour market. The Nordic countries aim to be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030 and strive to find the most sustainable solutions regarding both opportunities and challenges of the green transition. To promote social dialogue on the Nordic labour market,to advance the Nordic Vision 2030 and to provide a common understanding of the main opportunities and challenges concerning the green transition and necessary steps forward we, the representatives participating in the Nordic tripartite dialogue under the Icelandic presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers for Labour 2023, want to state the following:


We reiterate the conclusions from the ILO resolution (ILC.111/Resolution V) that Just Transition is central for pursuing the realization of the goals and commitments of the Paris Agreement and that the ILO guidelines on Just Transition (2015) are considered as “the central reference for policymaking and a basis for action”. 

We acknowledge that a transition towards a greener economy will lead to changes and new opportunities in the labour market with potential job creation in many sectors. 

We are determined to keep on emphasizing the importance of social inclusiveness, reducing economic inequalities and to focus on how to mitigate potential negative impacts of the green transition. 

We highlight the importance of social dialogue in achieving an effective and successful transition on the Nordic labour market. We recognize the importance of social security, labour market related rights, and a well-functioning labour market that respects equal treatment and equality as a vital part of the green transition. 

We recognize the need for new types of skills to match new types of jobs as industry is transformed into a low-carbon economy. Good opportunities for re- and upskilling of workers and job seekers will therefore be essential. 

We highlight the importance of good conditions for vocational and geographical mobility for smooth green transition in all regions. We acknowledge the importance of thriving educational systems and broad cooperation to ensure the right match between supply and demand for certain skills and to be well prepared for future developments and impact on the Nordic labour market. 

We recognize the risk of negative distributional effects in the Nordic labour markets that may result from the green transition and the importance of policies, from all actors and in all sectors of the economy, to mitigate the effects and to secure a just transition in the Nordic economies. 

Finally, we urge other actors/sectors within the Nordic cooperation to promote tripartite consultation and social dialogue on how to facilitate the green transition, as well as sharing knowledge and best practices.