UPDATE! Nordic Youth Biodiversity Summit postponed

28.03.20 | Event
unga håller möte på Christiansborg
Anna Rosenberg
To reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, we have decided to postpone the Nordic Youth Biodiversity Summit until later this year. The summit in Copenhagen on 28 and 29 March 2020 will therefore not take place. However, it is important that the voices of young people are heard in the upcoming climate negotiations on biodiversity. We are therefore looking at alternative dates on which we can hold our summit.


28 - 29.03.2020

UN City

Nordic young people at the negotiating table

In 2020, the nations of the world are due to come together and agree on global goals to stop the loss of species and ecosystems.

In October, all 196 signatories to the previous set of global goals for biodiversity will meet in Kunming in China to set new ones.

A group of Nordic young people will be at the negotiating table.

Want to make your voice heard on the next crucial global agreement?

The Nordic youth delegation will be there to present demands currently being drafted in a series of workshops and conferences for young people under the auspices of official Nordic co-operation. 

Following meetings in Copenhagen on 9 January, Helsinki and Tórshavn on 24 January, Stockholm on 31 January, and Reykjavík on 20 February, at which they learnt more about biodiversity and what is at stake at the upcoming negotiations, 

young people from all over the Nordic region were due to converge on UN City Copenhagen in March.

The plan was to spend two days discussing which issues are the most important in the upcoming global negotiations, and strike upon the message that Nordic young people want to put to the world.

There will be another opportunity!

We’re delighted by the level of interest in the summit and the issue of biodiversity - more than 200 young people from right across the Nordic Region registered for the summit which was due to take place in Copenhagen on 28 and 29 March.

We’ll get back to you with more information and new instructions for registration and travel just as soon as we have a new date.

Thank you for your dedication and patience.


Sign up! Register at https://nmrnr.wufoo.com/forms/m6yu3vf1qveud8/

You will be told on 6 March whether you have a place at the summit. 

Travel and travel allowances: When you apply, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to book travel and apply for a travel allowance. 

You must book your travel and apply for the allowance by 1/3. You will be notified whether your travel has been approved and a ticket bought for you on 6.3. 

Number of places: There will be room for up to 300 young people from all of the Nordic region, and we will endeavour to ensure places are shared proportionally between the countries.

Register as soon as possible!

Accommodation: There will be an option of accommodation in a school close to UN City Copenhagen.

Programme: The programme runs from lunch to lunch, 28–29 March 2020. The summit is being organised by young people for young people. The full programme will be published on this page in early March.