What are the best ways to get vulnerable groups into work?

20.03.24 | Event
Yadid Levy/norden.org
This fascinating webinar will delve into the complex challenge of getting people from vulnerable groups in the Nordic Region into work.


01:00 PM - 02:30 PM

Creating the best conditions to get as many people as possible into work is an important pillar of the Nordic labour market model – both for the sake of the individuals concerned and society as a whole. It calls for good and close co-operation between public agencies, companies and the education and training sector, particularly when it comes to moving the most vulnerable groups from welfare into work. Even though their labour is needed, especially at a time of shortages, multiple barriers can stand in the way of vulnerable people.

To address the issue, the Nordic Council of Ministers for Labour has initiated a major research project on how to get vulnerable groups in the Nordic countries into work.

The most important results from the project so far will be presented at the seminar, e.g. a new way of segmenting socially vulnerable groups based on the barriers that make it difficult for them to enter the labour market rather than their demographic characteristics.

The webinar is particularly relevant for public agencies, researchers and practitioners who want to learn more about getting more vulnerable people into work.