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Talgildu Føroyar
Samleikin is the Faroese digital ID that you can use to log on to public and private self-service solutions such as Vangin and online banking.

Samleikin also functions as a digital signature, which has the same legal effect as an ordinary signature.

Samleikin is part of Talgildu Føroyar (Digital Faroe Islands), which develops and operates the national digital infrastructure.

What is Samleikin?

Samleikin is first and foremost an app for smartphone and tablet that you can download from the App Store and Google Play. You can also get Samleikin on a USB stick, but this requires meeting up in person at Talgildu Føroyar in Torshavn.

What can you use Samleikin for?

You can use Samleikin to communicate with a large number of public and private service providers in the Faroe Islands, and for certain other services. It gives you access to online banking, insurance, the tax authorities, and all the e-services collected at Vangin.


Vangin includes for example:

Digital post - Mínboks


Self-service solutions from all service providers

Personal data

Contact information

Digital signature


You can access Vangin via the vangin.fo website and the Vangin app.

How can you get Samleikin?

You can get Samleikin if:

You have a Faroese social security number (P-number)

You are aged 13 or older

You meet the identification requirements:

  1. You have a Faroese/Danish passport or driving licence
  2. For other passports, you cab read more at: samleikin.fo/foreign

You can register Samleikin directly in the Samleikin app. Have your passport or driving licence handy when you start the registration process. If you have anything other than Faroese or Danish ID, you will need a witness to confirm your identity,  and you must meet with the registration staff. The meeting can take place online.

Who should you contact, if you need help?

Talgildu Føroyar

Staravegur 8, 100 Torshavn

Tel: +298 351 881

E-mail: 1881@talgildu.fo

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