Driving licence in the Faroe Islands

Kørekort på Færøerne
Here you can read about the rules that apply if you move to the Faroe Islands and wish to have a Faroese driving licence.

Driving licence in the Faroe Islands

Driving licences from EU countries, Norway, Iceland or one of the countries with which the EU has an agreement are valid in the Faroe Islands, including for people who move to the country. In this case it is not necessary to take a supervised driving test.

This means that if you have a driving licence from one of the above countries, it is not necessary to exchange it for a Faroese one.   However, you have the possibility to do so.  

The Faroese driving licences are issued and administered by the Faroese road vehicle inspection service, Akstovan.   

The old "pink driving licences" are no longer valid, and drivers who have not exchanged their old "pink licences" will receive a fine if they drive a vehicle.      

Where can the licence be exchanged?  

If you need or wish to have your driving licence exchanged, this is done by meeting up in person:   

  • In Torshavn: Akstovan (Road Vehicle Inspection Service), Hoyvíksvegur 57, Tórshavn
  • Outside Tórshavn: at the police stations

What does the licence exchange cost?  

Exchange of the licence costs DKK 250.

If the exchange of the driving licence coincides with replacement due to age over 70, a fee of DKK 150 is payable for the exchange.  

The fee may be paid in cash to the Road Vehicle Inspection Service.

If an application for exchange of the licence is submitted at a police station, the fee must previously have been paid into bank account no. 6460-497.745.0.   The receipt for the fee must be brought to the police station.  

What should you bring with you?  

  • Your old driver’s licence
  • A lifelike photograph in portrait format without headgear, size 35 x 45 mm, with your name on the back
  • A baptismal certificate, birth certificate or marriage certificate, if you have changed your name
  • A medical certificate, if you are aged more than 70, or if the validity of the licence is limited due to health conditions
  • The fee, or a receipt for payment of the fee  

When applying for an exchange of the licence, an application form must be completed and signed in the presence of the person receiving the application. The application form is available here (in Faroese): Application for driving licence.

You will receive a temporary driving licence as documentation of your right to drive during the processing time.     

Processing time  

You can expect a processing time of between one and two months, so apply for replacement of your licence in good time.  

Further information  

Further information on driving licences is available from:  

Akstovan (Road Vehicle Inspection Service)

Hoyvíksvegur 57 
FO-110 Tórshavn 
Tel. (+298) 350 400 
Fax. (+298) 350 401

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