Citizenship in the Faroe Islands

Statsborgerskab på Færøerne
Faroese citizenship does not exist, so it is the Danish rules that apply in the area. You can read more about these rules here.

There is no Faroese citizenship as such. Most of the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands are Danish citizens, and it is therefore the Danish rules that apply.

Danish citizenship (nationality) may be obtained in the Faroe Islands by a declaration to the National Ombudsman, but only if you have had Danish citizenship from birth, which you have later lost, or if you are a citizen of another Nordic country.

All others may apply for Danish citizenship by naturalisation (info in Danish).

Upon obtaining Danish citizenship, you acquire certain rights and obligations:

  • The right to reside and work in the state, run a business, etc.
  • The right to continued assistance from the state and the right to a state educational grant
  • Protection by the state (including by Danish representations abroad)
  • Voting rights and the right to stand for election
  • The right to become a civil servant
  • National service duty

Children born in the Faroe Islands

A child born in the Faroe Islands receives Danish citizenship at birth if either the father or the mother is a Danish citizen.

If the parents are not married, and only the father has Danish citizenship, the child will only receive Danish citizenship if he or she is born within the Danish Commonwealth. However, if the parents marry before the child turns 18, the child will obtain Danish citizenship.


A foreign child under the age of 12 adopted under a Danish adoption permit becomes a Danish citizen when adopted, if the child is adopted by a married couple in which at least one of the spouses is a Danish citizen, or if the child is adopted by an unmarried Danish citizen. The child becomes a Danish citizen from the time at which the adoption comes into legal effect.

More information on adoption is available from the authorities.

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