Population registration in Åland

Folkbokföring på Åland
If you are moving to Åland, you will find information in this section on population registration, personal identity codes, notification of move and home municipality. In Finland and Åland the population registration register is called the population information system.

In general the same rules on population registration apply in Åland as in Finland. You can find the text with the general rules on the page on Notifying a move and population registration in Finland.

If you are moving to Åland permanently, there is a difference from Finland which you can read about below under the heading Conscription.

If you move within the Nordic region

The State Department of Åland is responsible for notifications of move and population registration in Åland. On their website you can read about the rules on population registration in Åland and what ID documents you must produce if you move from another Nordic country to Åland. If you move with underage children, you must have identification indicating the children’s parents and guardians. Note that children must also have approved ID documents. 


Persons who have regional citizenship and have moved to Åland before the age of 12 are exempted from conscription.

More information

Contact the authority

If you have questions about population registration, you can contact the Local Register Office unit at the State Department of Åland

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