Rehabilitation in Finland

Kuntoutus Suomessa
Here you will find information on rehabilitation in Finland. The rules also apply to the Åland Islands.

If your working capacity is impaired due to illness, a defect or disability, you may need rehabilitation. Rehabilitation helps you to live with an illness, to continue in work or to return to working life. 

Rehabilitation organised by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) includes adaptation training, psychotherapy or vocational rehabilitation. Apart from Kela, rehabilitation is organised by for example public health care, occupational health care, municipal social services and associations for the disabled. If you participate in rehabilitation organised by these bodies, it is worthwhile finding out if you can get a rehabilitation allowance from Kela for the period.

Occupational rehabilitation is also organised by pension providers. Rehabilitation is always the preferred option, and occupational pension providers always check in connection with disability applications whether the applicant is entitled to rehabilitation. You can ask your doctor or Kela which organisation’s rehabilitation you can apply for. You will be directed to the appropriate rehabilitation if Kela does not organise the rehabilitation you need.

If you have had an accident (for example an accident at work or a traffic accident) or you have an occupational illness, occupational rehabilitation will generally be provided by your insurer.

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