Student accommodation in the Faroe Islands

Studieboliger på Færøerne
Here you can read about your accommodation possibilities if you are coming to the Faroe Islands to study.

If you come to the Faroe Islands as a student and are looking for rented accommodation, you can first of all inquire at the upper secondary schools. Some schools have associated ‘school homes’ with rooms for rent for those students who live furthest away from the school.

There are for example school homes in Tórshavn and Klaksvik in association with the technical schools, which are also intended for use by students at other schools. The school homes have furnished rooms for rent, with a shared kitchen and living room.   

At the hospital in Tórshavn, student accommodation and small apartments are available for persons in practical training or who are working for a short period of time in the health service.

Renting and buying

The public housing association owns and builds housing for rent in the Faroe Islands. They can be contacted at tel. +298 40 10 00 or via email to

Apart from Bústaðir, the property rental and sales market is on a private basis.

The purchase of houses, summer cottages, apartments and building plots typically takes place via the websites of the real estate companies and privately practising lawyers.


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