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In this section you will find information on tax residency and non-residency in Åland, tax cards, tax returns, as well as situations where the employer is from a country other than Finland / Åland or a Finnish / Åland employer posts an employee to another Nordic country. You can also read about the deductions in Åland and where you can get your tax card in Åland.

The general rule is that you pay tax in the country that you work in. In the link below on Tax in Finland you will find detailed guidance on taxation if you are coming to Åland/Finland from another country. You can read about e.g. taxation of earned income, tax residency and non-residency, taxation of capital income as well as inheritance tax and gift tax. I the other link you can find detailed information from the Tax Administration on taxation of employees coming to Finland from another country.

Where do I get my tax card in Åland?

In order to pay tax on your wages, your employer needs a tax card which you get from the local tax authority, the Åland tax office in Mariehamn. Remember to have a valid ID document with you.

Åland deductions

The Åland deductions are the company housing deduction, the study deduction, the study loan deduction and the deduction for medical expenses. More information is available from the Åland tax office or on the tax return form “Ålandsbilagen” Annex form 17 (3017r). Deductions can either be claimed on the “Ålandsbilagan” tax return form or directly on the online service of the Tax Administration.

You can read about all the deductions below on the Tax Administration’s page on Taxation in Åland.

Travel and rental expenditure deduction, Medical expenses deduction, Study deduction, Study loan deduction, Seafarer’s income deduction, Earned and pension income deduction, Low-income deduction, Pension income deduction in municipal taxation, Deduction for housing in place of employment, Municipal taxation of corporations and joint administrations, etc.

What if you live in one Nordic country and work in another?

Nordisk eTax is a joint project between the tax authorities in the Nordic countries. Nordisk eTax consists of individuals from the Nordic tax authorities who are experts in cross-border tax matters. Read here about taxes if you live in one Nordic country but work in another. It says Finland but it also applies to Åland.

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