Travelling to Åland with dogs or cats

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In this section you can find information on what to do if you are moving to Åland and are planning to bring pets with you, e.g. dogs or cats, as well as on bringing in pets for temporary stays, for example if you spend the summer in Åland.

Here you can read about the key things to bear in mind if you are moving to Åland:

Bringing dogs, cats or ferrets to Åland from an EU country

You can get information on taking animals to and from Sweden on the webpage of the Swedish Board of Agriculture on Dogs, cats and ferrets. You can find information on importing animals to Åland and Finland on the Finnish Food Authority’s webpage on Importing dogs, cats and ferrets from EU countries to Finland (Åland). The Åland small animal clinic has a good website with information on the requirements for bringing dogs (including puppies) into Åland as well as other useful information. It is advisable to read these pages as they are updated with the latest rules.

Bringing dogs, cats or ferrets to Åland from Iceland

Different rules apply if you travel with pets from Iceland. You can read about these on the Finnish Food Authority’s website.

More information

Contact the authority

If you have questions about importing pets to Åland, you can contact the veterinarians at the Åland Environmental and Health Protection Authority (ÅMHM) here

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