Travelling with pets to and from the Faroe Islands

Rejse med kæledyr til og fra Færøerne
Here is a summary of the rules for bringing pets to the Faroe Islands.

Bringing pets to the Faroe Islands

It is not permitted to bring pets on holiday trips or temporary stays in the Faroe Islands, including dogs and cats.  

You can only bring pets to the Faroe Islands if you live in the Faroe Islands, or if you move to the Faroe Islands.

You can bring dogs and cats to the Faroe Islands if they meet the specific import requirements for vaccination and treatment for parasites. Puppies and kittens must be at least 12 weeks old before they can be vaccinated, and may be brought to the Faroe Islands four weeks after they have been vaccinated.

To bring dogs, cats or other pets to the Faroe Islands, you must apply for permission to the Faroe Islands' Food and Veterinary Administration, Heilsufrøðiligu Starvsstovuni,, before bringing them into the country.

The transport companies will examine the veterinary certificates before the animals may be brought on board a ferry or an aircraft.

Further information about the rules may be obtained from the Faroe Islands' Food and Veterinary Administration, Heilsufrøðiligu Starvsstovuni,

Bringing pets from the Faroe Islands

Particular rules apply when Faroe Islanders go abroad with dogs or cats. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the rules that apply in the country to which you are travelling.

Dogs must have a dog passport from a private veterinary surgeon as proof that the dog has been vaccinated and is in a healthy condition. The dog passport must then have a stamp from an official veterinary surgeon at the Faroe Islands' Food and Veterinary Administration, Heilsufrøðiligu Starvsstovuni,  

Notify the Food and Veterinary Administration, Heilsufrøðiligu Starvsstovuni, in good time that you need a dog stamp, to make sure that an official veterinary surgeon will be present when you meet up to get the stamp. 

You can read more on the pages listed below concerning the rules that apply when importing pets into one of the Nordic countries.

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