Travelling to Finland with dogs or cats

Lemmikki- ja kotieläinten tuominen Suomeen
Here you will find information about travelling to Finland with your dog, cat or ferret, and moving to Finland with other pets or domestic animals.

The rules for travelling with a dog, cat or ferret are the same whether you are moving, in transit or on holiday. The rules depend on whether a pet travels together  with a passenger or alone and whether it is a commercial movement.

You should familiarise yourself with the rules for travelling with your dog, cat or ferret well in advance to ensure a smooth journey.

Travelling to Finland with dogs, cats or ferrets

The rules on travelling with pets differ depending on whether the animal arrives in Finland from an EU country, Norway or Iceland.

Travelling to Finland with pets from EU countries or Norway

These rules apply to movements of dogs, cats and ferrets to Finland from EU countries and from Switzerland and Norway. The requirements only apply to pets travelling with passengers that are not intended for sale or transfer to a new owner.

1. Identification

Pets must be identified with a unique microchip. Tattooing is only accepted as a means of identification under certain conditions; for more details see the website of the Finnish Food Authority. Animals must be identified before the rabies vaccination.

2. Rabies vaccination

Animals must be vaccinated against rabies. You can find more information about the rules on vaccination on the Finnish Food Authority’s website.

3. Tapeworm treatment

Echinococcus treatment is not required for dogs brought into Finland directly from Norway. Anti-echinococcus tapeworm treatment must be given to dogs imported from other Nordic countries. Cats and ferrets do not need to be treated. More information on the Finnish Food Authority’s website.

4. Pet passport

Pets must be accompanied by a pet passport. There are two types of pet passports: EU pet passports and third-country pet passports (Norway).

More information on pet passports on the Finnish Food Authority’s website.

Travelling to Finland with pets from Iceland and outside the EU

There are separate rules on pets travelling from Iceland and outside the EU with their owner. These are described on the Finnish Food Authority’s website.

Dogs, cats or ferrets travelling without a passenger

If an animal is sent to Finland without an accompanying passenger, a veterinarian approved by the competent authority in the country of departure must perform a clinical examination to ensure the animal is in good health and is capable of travelling alone. Animal movements are also subject to the same conditions listed under the heading above (Dogs, cats or ferrets travelling with a passenger).

If the total number of dogs, cats or ferrets is six or more or they are intended for sale or transfer to a new owner after importation, the conditions for commercial movements must be complied with.

You can find more information on the Finnish Food Authority’s website.

Are there any breed-related import restrictions in Finland?

There are no import restrictions in Finland concerning cat or dog breeds. However, the Finnish decree on alien species prohibits imports to Finland of cross-breeds of tame dogs and wolves, jackals, cayotes or dingoes as well as cross-breeds of tame cats and wild cat species. You can find more information on alien species on the alien species portal.

Travelling to Finland with other pets and domestic animals

Instructions for importing other pet animals, such as rabbits and rodents, ornamental fish, reptiles, pet birds and mini-pigs can be found on the Finnish Food Authority’s website. Instructions for importing horses and other domestic animals can also be found on the page.

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