About the Secretariat

The Nordic Council Secretariat prepares and follows up on the questions discussed by the Presidium, committees and other bodies.

The Secretariat shares premises in Copenhagen with the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Secretariat.

The Secretariat prepares and follows up on the issues discussed by the Nordic Council's governing body, the Presidium, and the various specialist committees.

This is done in consultation with the party groups and the national delegations’ secretariats.

The Secretariat prepares for and organises the annual Session of the Nordic Council along with the host country's delegation secretariat. Other meetings during the year are prepared by the host country secretariat in consultation with the Nordic Council Secretariat.

The rules for the work of the Secretariat are be laid down by the Presidium, which is also the formal employer for the Secretariat’s staff.

The day-to-day work of the Secretariat is managed by the Secretary General of the Nordic Council, who is assisted by a staff of 15 from the Nordic countries.The Secretary General is also responsible for the work of the Presidium and some of the staff help with this work too.

Two members of staff attend to the needs of each committee, preparing, implementing and following up on its work.

The Nordic Council shares the Communications Department with the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Department for HR, Administration and Law (HRAJ) is responsible for human resource management, financial matters and office support for the Nordic Council Secretariat.

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