Danish Presidency Programme for the Nordic Council in 2021

Bertel Haarder och Annette Lind 2020.

Bertel Haarder och Annette Lind 2020.

Charlotte de la Fuente
Our common goal is to make the Nordic Region “the most sustainable and integrated region in the world”. However, the pandemic has prompted our countries to act differently, creating obstacles and difficulties for Nordic residents working, studying, travelling, and investing in another Nordic country. This makes the fight against barriers to freedom of movement even more important.

At the same time, disintegration in Europe and the western world calls for Nordic unity and leadership, as do the climate crisis, the green transition, and the rivalry between global powers.

Democracy, human rights, and the rule of law are under severe pressure in Europe – even among the Nordic Region’s closest neighbours. These are fundamental principles of Nordic co-operation. In the same way, the UN’s sustainable development goals should serve as clear objectives in our work. The pandemic has laid bare the need for a follow-up on the recommendations of the Könberg report concerning areas such as antibiotic resistance.

Individually we are small. Together we are strong and significant. This is true politically, economically, and also culturally.