Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2023

Hálifoss, Island
Business Iceland
Peace plays a key role in the programme for the Icelandic presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers and the ambition to make the Nordic Region green, competitive and socially sustainable.

With its presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2023, Iceland will step up Nordic co-operation and elevate the Nordic Region as a torch-bearer for peace. 

Peace is a prerequisite for human rights, welfare, and environmental protection. By extension, peace is essential for continued efforts towards achieving the joint Nordic vision for 2030 of the Nordic Region being a green, competitive, and socially sustainable region.

Iceland will emphasise this by highlighting the co-operation between the region’s peace centres and research institutions. By building on their knowledge, the Nordic countries can be messengers for diplomatic solutions, peace and disarmament. In addition, the Icelandic presidency will host an international conference in Reykjavík.

A just green transition

Central to Iceland’s presidency programme is a just green transition, through and through. Emphasis will be placed on the sustainable utilisation of marine resources. Other key points are:   

  • Gender equality and rights, especially for transgender and intersex people
  • Equal opportunities for participation in the labour market
  • Strengthening and development of the Nordic culture and arts scene 
  • Joint Nordic policy for digital language technology
  • Strengthened West Nordic co-operation during the presidency