Michael Tetzschner, President of the Nordic Council 2018

02.11.17 | News
Michael Tetzschner
Johannes Jansson/norden.org
In true Nordic spirit, Michael Tetzschner was born in Copenhagen but grew up in Oslo. He represents the Norwegian Conservative Party and has sat in the Norwegian parliament and been a member of the Nordic Council since 1 October 2009.

Michael Tetzschner is currently the head of the Norwegian delegation to the Nordic Council and deputy leader of the Conservative Group.He is trained as a lawyer and arbitrator. Joining him as Vice-President of the Nordic Council is Martin Kolberg from the Social Democratic Group.

The new president and vice-president will take up their roles in the new year.

During Norway’s presidency in 2018, efforts to remove barriers to freedom of movement between the Nordic countries will continue, as will efforts to increase the Nordic advantage for the region’s 26 million inhabitants. In 2018 the Norwegian presidency will give priority to strengthening Nordic co-operation on health, education, marine issues, and defence. Stronger Nordic co-operation in areas such as health technology, integration, the marine environment, and defence will ensure a sustainable, stable, and secure Nordic society going forwards.