Nordic (Energy) Efficiency – New issue of “Green Growth the Nordic Way”

12.10.15 | News
New Nordic Climate Solutions
The latest issue of “Green Growth the Nordic Way” is published in connection with the pre-COP21 event World Efficiency in Paris, October 13-15. Under the heading of “Nordic Efficiency” the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic embassies in France present a number of green solutions – both from the public and private sector.

In the new issue of “Green Growth the Nordic Way you can read about the exciting user driven innovation involved in Nordic Built Cities, a three year programme to create better urban planning and city development in the Nordic region an beyond..

The Nordsyn energy efficiency project aims to both strengthen cooperation in the Nordic region on eco-design and energy labeling, while also serving as a potential inspiration for other EU countries implementing Commission Directives in these areas.

Finally, you can read about the Nordic energy cooperation and Nord Pool Spot, the most integrated cross border energy market in the world.

The Nordic Efficiency programme at World Efficiency will be followed up by a Nordic pavilion at COP21. You can read more about that in the coming issue of "Green Growth the Nordic Way”.