Webinar: Latest updates on Nordic Nutrition Recommendations

18.05.22 | News


Johannes Jansson/norden.org
The upcoming Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR2022) will deliver the most updated and comprehensive Nordic report on diet and health. This fifth edition of the guidelines will - for the first time ever - also fully integrate sustainability, with a major focus on climate and environment. At a webinar on 25 May, status and main events in the project will be presented. Everyone is welcome.

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations are a leading example of regional co-operation on guidelines for dietary composition and recommended intakes of nutrients. The NNR constitutes the scientific basis for national nutrition recommendations and food-based dietary guidelines in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. 

“This is the first time that climate and the environment have been fully integrated in national guidelines. The focus of the project is on high scientific quality, openness and transparency, and a democratic workplan including a number of public consultations,” says Professor Rune Blomhoff, who’s leading the working group responsible for developing the recommendations.     

Join us on 25 May and learn more!

Do you want to learn more about the guidelines and tools that can address both nutrition and environmental sustainability? Join the status webinar hosted by the NNR2022 committee and get find out more about the principles and methodologies used in the NNR2022 project, the key events over the next couple of months, and how you can get involved. Finally, information about the launch of the final NNR2022 report will also be presented. There will also be opportunities to ask questions.

 “We’d like you to get involved, whether you’re a scientist, a stakeholder working in a related industry, government or organisation, or simply a member of the public,” says Professor Blomhoff

  • When: 25 May, between 10:00 and 11:30 (CEST)
  • Where: Online 

Stakeholders welcome to give input

The NNR2022 project will also carry out public consultations on the scientific background material that will inform the dietary reference values (DRVs) and food-based dietary guidelines (FBDGs) in the final NNR2022 report. 

The NNR2022 committee encourage stakeholders, scientists, and other interested parties to share their insight and feedback on the draft chapters on the scientific assessment of nutrients and food groups and health outcomes. The first NNR2022 chapters are now available for public consultation. The consultation period for each draft chapter will be eight weeks. 

About Nordic Nutrition Recommendations

Partnerships that promote better co-operation on nutrition are the key to making healthy food accessible and desirable. Since the 1980s, the Nordic Council of Ministers has supported extensive regional collaboration on nutrition-related issues, with the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations being one of the most important contributions. 

The NNR2022 project is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the health and food authorities in the Nordic countries and is led by the Norwegian Directorate of Health. This is a major four-year project, engaging more than 400 scientists.