Nordic Nutrition Recommendations puts sustainability on the agenda

23.09.20 | News
Johannes Jansson/
More than 300 participants gather virtually on September 24 for a webinar on diet and sustainability as part of the effort to update the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations.

This week several actors from the Nordic region and beyond are gathering virtually to discuss how sustainability are to be integrated in the upcoming Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2022 (NNR). Both food industry, academics, NGO`s and international experts will be present at this webinar.

The Nordic Council of Ministers has requested that sustainability aspects of the diet should be incorporated in the upcoming NNR.  While some of the Nordic countries have started to do this exercise already, and the last edition of NNR in 2012 had one chapter on the topic, sustainability will now be fully integrated in the Food Based Dietary Guidelines in the new edition of NNR. To start the work on integrating sustainability into NNR, the NNR2022 Committee are organizing a whole day webinar on September 24. 

Challenging task

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations constitutes the scientific basis for national nutrient recommendations and food-based dietary guidelines in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

“The new edition, which will be published in 2022, will integrate sustainability into the food-based dietary guidelines. This is a challenging task”, says Professor Rune Blomhoff, who leads the working group that is responsible for developing the recommendations.

"We aim at fully integrate sustainability in a transparent and open manner, based on consensus from the best available scientific evidence. The new NNR will be a roadmap that influence much of the food systems in the Nordic and Baltic countries", Blomhoff says.

The methodology for integrating sustainability into food-based dietary guidelines will be discussed in the international webinar.

Program September 24: webinar on diet and sustainability

Per F I Pharo, at The Government of Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative, Nicole Darmon at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, and Kerry Brown at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine are just some of the international speakers sharing experiences and expertise during the full-day webinar.

Finalized in 2022

The NNR 2022 development process began January 2019 and will continue until 2022 with the release of the NNR 2022 report. Throughout the process there are several opportunities to participate, for example by nominating topics for in-depth review, engage in hearings and provide public comments