Which Nordic municipalities are spearheading sustainable development?

30.01.18 | News
Mennesker ved bro
Yadid Levy / Norden.org
The global sustainable development goals are already being implemented at a local level across the Nordic Region. The Nordic Council of Ministers is currently identifying which municipalities are actively working with sustainable development in order to speed up knowledge sharing across national borders.

The Nordic countries have signed up to Agenda 2030 and its 17 sustainable development goals in order to ensure worldwide economic, ecological, and social sustainability.

The Nordic Council of Ministers is supporting the Nordic countries’ efforts by way of its Generation 2030 sustainability programme, which facilitates things like knowledge sharing, analyses, and targeted efforts to streamline activities relating to Agenda 2030 in the Nordic Region.

“It’s important for both the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic governments to know how the municipalities are working towards achieving the sustainable development goals. The survey will identify what the municipalities need help with, and what the governments and the council of ministers can do to support them,” says Nora Sánchez Gassen, project manager at Nordregio.

“Knowledge sharing between the Nordic municipalities can help to make efforts relating to Agenda 2030 in the Nordic Region more effective. It’s also a source of inspiration in that the municipalities get to showcase their efforts concerning the global sustainable development goals,” says Sánchez Gassen.

Nordregio is hosting a seminar in Stockholm on 9 May on how best to work with the sustainable development goals at a local level. The seminar will facilitate co-operation and knowledge sharing between the municipalities. A brochure containing positive experiences and examples will be compiled during the summer.