Courses in Norwegian and other Nordic languages

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Here you can read about where you can learn Norwegian or other Nordic languages in Norway.

Rights and obligations regarding Norwegian courses in Norway

Nordic citizens and citizens of EU/EEA countries have neither the right nor obligation to attend a course in Norwegian so, if you are a Nordic citizen, you are not entitled to free tuition in Norwegian. If you wish to learn Norwegian, you must find an education centre that offers a course and pay for the course yourself. However, people who have a family connection with Norwegian or Nordic citizens aged 16-55 are entitled to free Norwegian language teaching, and are also obliged to attend a course if they wish to apply for a permanent residence permit or citizenship.

Tests of proficiency in Norwegian

Previously, Norwegian language training concluded with a test in Norwegian 2 or 3, but these have now been replaced with a digital test.

Learn Norwegian in Norway

If you want to learn Norwegian in Norway because you intend to work, study or live here, or if you are simply interested in the language, you should first contact the municipality in which you will be living or studying. Many municipalities offer adult courses in Norwegian that you must pay for. You can also pay for a course organised by a private course provider. 

You can also learn Norwegian online. See, for example, the free service ‘Norwegian on the Web’, which is administered by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). You can also enter “Online Norwegian course” or simply “Norwegian course” on a search engine, but check carefully references and prices. 

Universities and university colleges often run their own courses in Norwegian for students from other countries. The courses are called ‘Norwegian for foreign students’ or similar. Check with the various educational establishments to see the requirements for such courses.

Learn Nordic languages in Norway

If you want to learn another Nordic language in Norway, contact educational institutions, folk high schools or private course providers that offer language tuition. You can also contact the embassy of the country in Oslo for suggestions about organisations that offer language courses.

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