Nordic Council Freedom of Movement Group

The Freedom of Movement Groupis a working group made up of Nordic Council parliamentarians who want to pursue mobility issues and freedom of movement in the Nordics. The members are committed to pursuing Nordic mobility issues domestically. The aim is for all countries, self-governing territories, border regions, and party groups to be represented in the group.

The Freedom of Movement Group is an independent group focusing on mobility for citizens and enterprise. The group shall contribute to Nordic co-operation by putting Nordic mobility issues on national agendas in all the Nordic parliaments in order to establish the best conditions for citizens and enterprise in the Nordics to move freely between the countries.

Focus on citizens and enterprise

The objective of the Freedom of Movement Group’s work is to make it easier for people in the Nordics to live and work across national borders. The group shall work to combat larger, more general problems in the field of freedom of movement, as well as more specific issues that individuals and entrepreneurs face in their day-to-day lives. 

The group shall also support the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Freedom of Movement Council in its efforts to eliminate tangible barriers to cross-border freedom of movement in the Nordic Region by exerting parliamentary pressure in matters which the Freedom of Movement Council cannot pursue further. The group can prioritise “cold cases”, i.e. old obstacles which have not been resolved but which need to be resolved in order to achieve the prime ministers’ vision of the Nordic Region being the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. 

The group has a scrutinising role in that it monitors Nordic co-operation from a mobility perspective at both the Nordic and national levels. 

The group can also initiate dialogue with the business community and civil society to push for solutions to circumstances outside of the public realm that inhibit freedom of movement.

In addition, members of the Freedom of Movement Group shall work preventatively in their respective parliaments to prevent new obstacles to freedom of movement from arising when new laws are adopted.