Children and young people in the Nordic Region must have better food

20.08.18 | News
Børn og mad
Bjørn Bertheussen/
On 31 August 2018 a pan-Nordic co-operation project consisting of participants from around the region will gather for Nordic Assembly under the name “Nordic Plate”. This will be the first annual gathering on the topic of public-sector meals. The theme for this year is children and young people with the purpose of sharing best practice from across the Nordic countries and proceeding with those ideas that ensure children in the Nordic Region have good food and good meals.

5.5 million public-sector meals in the Nordic countries

Every day, 5.5 million meals are served in the Nordic public sector, accounting for a significant portion of public-sector budgets. So it’s common sense in more than one respect that public-sector meals are considered as much more than just an expense.

The food on public-sector plates is a means of promoting culinary culture, sustainability, (food) creation, and public health across the Nordic countries. Nordic Plate therefore invites you to a gathering on public-sector meals.

Food and meals in a transnational perspective

The common denominator for public-sector meals across the Nordic Region is that they are a fundamental and integral part of the welfare system, ranging from food creation in day care institutions and schools, to care in hospitals and nursing homes. Similarly, Nordic food has entrenched its position on the agenda in recent years.

In 2018 the World Health Organization concluded that the Nordic everyday diet is healthy in relation to major lifestyle diseases, and recommended that Nordic dietary principles be more widely written into official dietary guidelines.

With this in mind, the Nordic Assembly will establish a link between nutritional recommendations, culinary quality, and what constitutes a good meal across national borders and culinary cultures. The experiences shared will be used to develop and improve public-sector meals.

Building bridges between theory and practice

Nordic Assembly 2018 is for anyone involved with food for children and young people in the public sector. The programme focuses on practical solutions and on building bridges between theory and practice.

Consequently, on Thursday 30 August participants will be able take part in a field trip where they can experience how the Municipality of Copenhagen is tackling public-sector meals for children and young people on a visit to a number of day care institutions and schools in Copenhagen.

Nordic Assembly itself will take place on Friday 31 August. Here participants will be able to experience a marketplace featuring exhibitions, workshops, and presentations with case studies from, e.g. the Municipality of Reykjavik, the Tingvoll school for children and young people, and schools from around Copenhagen.

Participants will be able taste, smell, touch, and see positive examples of public-sector food and meals from across the Nordic Region.

Nordic Assembly is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and has been pioneered by Københavns Madhus with the support of participants in Nordic Plate.