COP26: The program is live

25.10.21 | News
Speaker at choosing grren
Juliette Rowland
With more than 100 events across our Glasgow Pavilion and Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki, the Nordic program covers a wide range of topics on climate change and solutions. From green energy and transportation to food systems and finance.

During the UN climate negotiations, COP26, the Nordic co-operation has set up two pavilions; one in Glasgow and one in Helsinki. Our ambition is to showcase all the important green Nordic solutions to our global climate challenges, as well as invite opinion leaders, citizens and stakeholders to engage in the conversation.

However, being able to choose the green solution is important. That is why we have created the Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki for those without accreditation to COP26 in Glasgow or without the desire to travel by plane to join the conversation.

What to experience:

  • We have invited experts, ministers, world leaders and the general public join the conversation.
  • Every day features a theme that covers some of the biggest and most demanding climate challenges; from reducing fossil fuels to financing and nature based solutions.
  • Once a day we will give you access to the negotiations through our lunch briefings with the Nordic delegates

Online access to all events in Glasgow and Helsinki

This year, you don’t need an accreditation to gain access to the events. All you need is a good internet connection. We are streaming all events live from in collaboration with our media partner, the world’s leading social media on climate change; We Don’t Have Time.

Choosing green

The Nordic Region is our home. All over the Nordic Region, in towns and in the country, we seek to live in harmony with nature and create sustainable societies.

But we must do more. Climate change, pollution and threats to biodiversity call for our attention, our energy. The Nordic model also faces growing challenges as democracy, integration and inclusion come under pressure.

In the Nordic region we want to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. Under the headline “Choosing Green” we are determined to show what this really means in relation to the UN Climate negotiations.

So save the dates either you find yourself on site in Glasgow, in Helsinki or from the comfort of your home and join the Nordic co-operation in taking action, reducing our climate impact and in finding solutions to the climate challenges.