Debate on Nordic role in Ukrainian crisis

31.03.14 | News
De nordiska flaggorna
Johannes Jansson/
The current crisis in Ukraine, Nordic co-operation with Russia and the challenges facing democracy in Ukraine are expected to be topics in the opening debate at the Nordic Council Theme Session in Akureyri, Iceland on 8 April. The main focus of the theme session will be sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

The Swedish President of the Nordic Council Karin Åström (S) and Vice President Hans Wallmark (M) recently travelled to the capital cities of Poland and the Baltic states to discuss the situation in Ukraine with the MPs in those countries.

"Our impressions from the trip indicate that we should not only focus on Russia's actions. There is great value in co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region and together we have a role to play in focusing on and supporting the democracy process in Ukraine", say Åström and Wallmark.

Theme debate on sustainable mining and fishing

The topical debate in the Nordic Council Theme Session will be followed by the actual theme topic of sustainable exploitation of natural resources. The main subjects of the debate on the agenda are expected to be the proposal on sustainable criteria for mining in the Nordic Region and the implications of the recent international agreement on mackerel fishing in the North Atlantic.

Accreditation for journalists for the Nordic Council Theme Session is open until 2 April. Further information can be found on, where the Theme Session will also be broadcast live starting on 8 April at 13.00 (Icelandic time).