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The People's Festival 2023

15.06.23 | Tapahtuma
Make Sense
The Nordic tent at this year’s festival on Bornholm will host twelve highly topical events, including debates about energy solutions, vocational training, biodiversity, young people and inclusion, as well as a special event bringing together Ukrainian and Russian women.


15 - 17.06.2023
11:00 - 18:00

Allinge, Bornholm


Our debates at the People’s Festival 2023:

15 June at 11:45: The green transition and the sea

The Nordic energy transition requires a massive expansion of offshore wind, which has led to a race for space in the sea.   

15 June at 12:45: Is business doing enough about biodiversity?

Action must be taken about the loss of biodiversity. The whole of society needs to be involved if we are reverse the trend and re-establish biodiversity. But how?

The debate will streamed live on 

15 June at 15:30: Can we create a sustainable Nordic ecosystem for venture capital?

The Nordic Region is a leading region in Europe for innovation and startups. How can we encourage private capital to support circular innovation in the Region?

15 June at 17:00: Everyone praises shared Nordic values but fewer and fewer understand each others’ languages

In recent decades, there has been a tendency for people to know less and less about the languages of their Nordic neighbours. Why is that? Why are language and culture so important? 

16 June at 9:30: Share your data on health apps?

To change the health focus from treatment to prevention will require a far higher degree of citizen involvement and willingness to share personal data. Digital health apps can be a big part of the solution.

16 June at 10:30: Shame, NATO and the Kalmar Union. Are our young people ‘Nordic’?

Is there such a thing as a Nordic identity and what new opportunities are there for working together? Could we create a shared public service platform? Nordic co-operation on defence? 

16 June at 13:00: The vocational training of the future in the Nordic Region

The lack of skilled labour is a challenge in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic Region. The Danish dropout rate from vocational training is 40%, almost three times as large as the corresponding rate from academic education. We want to kick-start a debate with young people about the vocational training of the future.  

The debate will be streamed live on 

16 June at 14:15: Energy and security – a new trilemma

Can we still achieve our climate goals and ensure a fair, green transition at a time of high energy prices and an uncertain geopolitical situation? 

16 June at 15:30: A new Nordic age?

Altinget and the Nordic Council of Ministers have combined to articulate Nordic co-operation and what the future holds for it. 

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16 June at 15:30: Indigenous people’s rights and knowledge in the green transition

This panel will dive into the topics of Indigenous rights, the green transition and biodiversity - and best practices to harmonize these.

16 June at 17:00: A Nordic invitation

The Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Council are hosting a conversation about Nordic identity and answering questions about Nordic co-operation.

17 June at 9:30: Nature-based solutions – hear all the latest news!

Discover the latest in Nordic nature-based solutions that will help keep climate change below 1.5 degrees. You can also join the discussion about how much – or little – progress we have made in the area and what is needed to scale up work on nature-based solutions in the Nordic Region. 

17 June at 10:45: Breathe new life into your old clothes: Workshop with Icelandic Ýrúrarí

Making clothes and other textiles last longer is a key element in making the textile industry sustainable. Bring your favourite holey jersey or make personalised “patches”" to take home.

17 June at 14:00: Young people and exclusion – how do we get everyone involved?

More and more young people feel unhappy and excluded. The Nordic Council of Ministers is bringing together young people, experts, civil society and decision-makers at all five Nordic democracy festivals to address a key challenge faced by all of the Nordic countries: How to get more young people involved? 

17 June at 15:15: Women in War

What is the relationship like between the Ukrainian and Russian diasporas more than a year after the full-scale Russian invasion and the war in Ukraine? Is it possible for them to enter into a dialogue – perhaps even to join forces to change the situation?