10.12.20 | News

The digital dream – healthcare at a distance

Greater use of digital health- and welfare technology will improve welfare in sparsely populated areas. It will also provide a boost to the economy of local communities throughout the Nordic Region and provide access to more flexible and better public services. Bringing this digital dre...

15.09.20 | News

25% fewer suicides by 2025 – regardless of COVID-19

Every day, ten people commit suicide in the Nordic Region. The Committee for Welfare in the Nordic Region is seeking to reduce this number through prevention and knowledge-sharing. But there’s a dark horse: COVID-19.

19.01.19 | Information

Nordic co-operation on disability

Nordic co-operation on disability contributes to the inclusion of people with disabilities by way of the enhanced sharing of knowledge throughout the region and close co-operation with regard to disability policy issues. This includes an advisory body and an action plan with three focu...