09.07.19 | News

Children with disabilities must not be left behind

“Children with disabilities must not be left behind” was the main message of a side event on children with disabilities at COSP, CRPD 2019 in New York, organised by the Permanent Mission of Sweden to the United Nations and the Nordic Council of Ministers, among others.

27.03.19 | News

Involve end-users in social initiatives

“New social initiatives for vulnerable children, young people and adults should be based on the end-users’ needs,” the Nordic Council of Ministers for Health and Social Affairs concluded at a meeting in Reykjavik. “Now, we need to find the tools to make that happen,” the ministers added...

19.01.19 | Information

Nordic co-operation on disability

Nordic co-operation on disability contributes to the inclusion of people with disabilities by way of the enhanced sharing of knowledge throughout the region and close co-operation with regard to disability policy issues. This includes an advisory body and an action plan with three focu...