14.06.22 | News

    Nordic Region plays host to political festivals in eight countries this summer

    The Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Council are on hand at this summer’s political festivals and invite people from across the Nordic and Baltic region to engage in debate on defence, energy, the integration of refugees, construction, digitalisation, food, and much more. The...

    13.06.22 | News

    What can we learn from the pandemic in the fight against antibiotic resistance?

    Antibiotic resistance is now the leading cause of death in the world. All eyes are on the Nordic Region, which reduced the use of antibiotics in livestock farming by preventing diseases long before the rest of Europe. The Nordic Region invited international experts to a discussion on ho...

    16.11.21 | Declaration

    We call on governments to stand up for the full and equal enjoyment of LGBTI persons’ human rights

    When WorldPride 2021 kicks off in a few days’ time, we – the ministers for equali-ty from the Nordic countries – will be there to show our support for equal rights. We will continue working to improve our legislation and counteract hate, ignorance and prejudice so that lesbian, gay, bis...

    02.06.22 | Information

    Fundur fólksins 2022

    Den 16. og 17. september 2022 afholdes Fundur fólkins, demokratifestivalen på Island, i og omkring Nordens Hus i Reykjavik. Fredag den 16. september er børn og unge i fokus, mens lørdagen er for alle intresserede. Begge dage vil rumme arrangementer, som fokuserer specifikt på nordisk sa...