Parental benefit in Greenland

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Here you can read about Greenland’s rules for parental leave and parental benefit in connection with childbirth or adoption.

The rules on parental benefit apply to both childbirth and adoption. If you wish to know more about rights and rules for maternity/paternity leave, see here:

Are you entitled to parental benefit in Greenland?

When you take maternity or paternity leave, you have the right to receive parental benefit as financial support during the period of leave.

In order to be entitled to receive parental benefit in Greenland, you must:

  • Be registered as a resident of Greenland
  • Not receive pay from your employer during your period of leave
  • Have worked at least one hour in the past 13 weeks
  • Fulfil the terms of the legislation on maternity/paternity leave

The amount you can receive depends on whether you are an employee, unemployed, studying, self-employed or living with a self-employed person.

Parental benefit is paid every 14 days and is taxable.


You are entitled to parental benefit as an employee if you have been active in the labour market for at least 13 weeks before taking your maternity/paternity leave. This applies if you have been working, on holiday, participating in work-related courses or receiving unemployment benefit.

If you are a public sector employee, you may be entitled to pay during your maternity/paternity leave, depending on your collective agreement. You can contact your union to find out what you are entitled to.

Self-employed persons

If you or your spouse or cohabitant are self-employed, special rules apply.

To be entitled to receive parental benefit as a self-employed person, you must suspend your business or transfer it to others during your period of leave.

If you are an assisting spouse or cohabiting partner of a self-employed person, you must cease to assist in your spouse’s or partner’s business during the period of leave.

If you have paid work alongside your self-employed business, you are entitled to parental benefit according to the rules for both employees and self-employed persons.


If you are not entitled to a Danish study grant (SU), internship subsidy or internship pay during your period of parental leave, you will be entitled to parental benefit corresponding to your student grant, internship subsidy or internship pay, including one child supplement for each dependent child.

If you are a receiving public income support

You are not entitled to parental benefit if you are receiving a study grant (SU), cash benefits or a disability pension.

How do I apply for parental benefit?

If you wish to apply for parental benefit, you can do so via Sullissivik (Public Service). You must do so within five months after your salary, study grant or other income has ceased because of your period of leave.

You can also contact your local municipality, public service centre or village office.

If you move to another Nordic country before or during your period of maternity/paternity leave

If you are entitled to receive Greenlandic parental benefit when you begin your maternity/paternity leave, you can take your parental benefit with you if you move to another Nordic country during the period of leave.

If you move to another Nordic country before your period of leave begins, you should contact the local authorities of the municipality to which you are moving to make sure that you are entitled to parental benefit or similar benefits. 

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