Swedish language courses for persons moving to Åland

svenska språkkurser Åland
Johannes Jansson / norden.org
In this section you will find information on courses in Swedish for persons moving to Åland. Åland is monolingual (Swedish), unlike Finland, which is bilingual.

The Citizens’ Institute (Medis) in Åland is the organisation in Åland that provides courses in Swedish for immigrants.

Courses in Swedish as a second language

Courses in Swedish as a second language (SFI courses) are intensive, full-time courses. The admission criteria are available in Swedish and English
on their webpage Svenska för inflyttade / Swedish for foreigners

Courses in Swedish as a second language at the workplace

These courses are designed for immigrants who are in work. Together with their employer, immigrants get the opportunity to improve their Swedish at the workplace.

Language immersion

Language immersion courses in Åland for companies, organisations and authorities outside Åland are arranged based on tenders.

Applying for courses

Applications are made to AMS Åland. 

Contact the authority

If you have questions about the courses, you can contact the Citizens’ Institute

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