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Nordic Food Policy Lab is one of six flagship projects under the ”Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges” initiative launched by the five prime ministers of the Nordic countries in 2017.

Through global partnerships, Nordic Food Policy Lab curates and disseminates examples of Nordic food policy for health and sustainability. We specifically focus on innovative, close-to-the-consumer policies that have a potential to shift food demand patterns, steering the food system in a more sustainable direction.


The Nordic Food Policy Lab has been set up to be an international node that assembles, curates and spreads Nordic solutions in the area of food policy. Our aim is to make sure these solutions can be of use to other countries who are creating integrated food policies and that they contribute to solving challenges identified in the UN Agenda 2030 and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through global partnerships we co-create solution oriented labs and dialogues, curating and disseminating examples of sustainable food policy in action. Our overall aim is to establish opportunities to advocate for innovative close-to-the-consumer policies promoting nutritious and sustainable diets. We believe that there are some useful lessons and examples about how policy can be used to this end from the Nordic region and we hope to be able to share these while also learning from others, bringing home important lessons from experiences from other countries.

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