24.09.20 | Information

    Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges

    Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges is an initiative by the prime ministers from the most integrated region in the world. The Nordic Region promotes sustainability and progress toward the UN Sustainability Goals, sharing knowledge of three themes: Nordic Green, the Nordic Gender Effec...

    18.05.22 | News

    Webinar: Latest updates on Nordic Nutrition Recommendations

    The upcoming Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR2022) will deliver the most updated and comprehensive Nordic report on diet and health. This fifth edition of the guidelines will - for the first time ever - also fully integrate sustainability, with a major focus on climate and environm...

    01.02.22 | News

    World Expo: Health technology for everyone

    In order to have all citizens on board with the digital transition, investments must be made in digital health and social services, which can also reach sparsely populated areas. That was the main message that the Nordic Region brought to today’s debate in the Swedish pavilion at the E...