05.06.19 | News

Gastronomy solutionists from four continents at EAT 2019

Can gastronomy help to address some of the most pressing global challenges? The Nordic Food Policy Lab, Hivos, WWF, Slow Food International, IFOAM, Ethos Mexico and FUCOGA think so. Join us to meet pioneers and frontrunners from four continents sharing behind-the-scenes insights and str...

28.03.19 | News

Iceland gears up for the Future of Work

The last in a series of four Nordic conferences to mark the centenary of the International Labour Organization will be held in Reykjavík on 4–5 April. People from all over the world will gather in the Icelandic capital to discuss gender equality and the role of governments, unions and e...

26.03.19 | Information

Knowledge hub: The Nordic Gender Effect at Work

Investments in gender equality in the labour market have made the Nordic region one of the most prosperous areas of the world. This series of briefs shares the true story of how investments in gender equality foster employment, family wellbeing and growth. Let it be a a practical too...