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27.03.19 | News

Involve end-users in social initiatives

“New social initiatives for vulnerable children, young people and adults should be based on the end-users’ needs,” the Nordic Council of Ministers for Health and Social Affairs concluded at a meeting in Reykjavik. “Now, we need to find the tools to make that happen,” the ministers added...

21.01.19 | News

No one in the Nordic Region should feel excluded

Based on a social review – Knowledge that works in practice – the Nordic Council Welfare Committee is seeking to turn the Nordic Region into a global frontrunner in preventing the exclusion of the most vulnerable groups in society. The objective is to make the Nordic Region the most int...

19.01.19 | Information

Nordic co-operation on disability

Nordic co-operation on disability contributes to the inclusion of people with disabilities by way of the enhanced sharing of knowledge throughout the region and close co-operation with regard to disability policy issues. This includes an advisory body and an action plan with three focu...