28.02.20 | Information

    The competencies of the future

    The idea behind the agenda for the competencies of the future is to better prepare people of all ages for the society that lies ahead. We want everybody in the Nordic Region to have the knowledge and skills to cope with a more complex future. Perhaps just as importantly, we also want th...

    07.09.21 | News

    “Work with gender equality in preschools relies too heavily on those who have a passion for the field”

    Preschools provide a unique opportunity to break down norms that limit children’s development, choices, and learning. Nevertheless, work with gender equality that is pursued in preschools across the Nordic Region is seldom systematic or sustainable enough. These are the findings of a ne...

    15.12.20 | News

    Route map to a greener Nordic Region

    Nordic co-operation will head in a greener and more sustainable direction in 2021, as set out in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Vision 2030. The action plan for the next four years also places greater emphasis on co-operation with civil society.