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Here you can find information on the customs rules on bringing removal goods and other goods into Finland. There is also information on the customs rules if you have ordered goods online from abroad or if you get a gift consignment from abroad.

There are different customs rules for removal goods and other goods brought to Finland from EU countries than for goods from non-EU countries.

Removal goods from another EU country

No customs duties are charged between EU member states, so you don’t need to declare your personal property to Customs if you move to Finland from Sweden or Denmark. You also don’t need to make an import declaration for removal goods. Alcohol and tobacco products are an exception. Find out more on the Finnish Customs website.

If you bring a car or other vehicle to Finland as removal goods, read more on the page Vehicles in Finland. 

Removal goods from outside the EU

If you move to Finland from outside the EU customs territory, you must clear your removal goods through Customs.

If you have lived outside the EU for at least 12 months without interruption and you have owned and used the removal goods for at least 6 months, as a rule you can bring your removal goods into Finland free of customs duty and value added tax.  You must clear your removal goods through Customs when they arrive in Finland.

If your permanent place of residence has been outside the EU for less than 12 months, goods which you have bought in Finland as subject to VAT and taken with you upon moving to a location outside the EU customs and tax territory can be processed by Customs as “return goods”, meaning that customs duty and import VAT are not levied on them. Goods bought abroad have to be cleared through Customs as normal. 

More information on customs clearance on the Finnish Customs website. 

Products brought to Finland by travellers and special import rules

If you have been travelling outside the EU, you can bring in purchases in your personal luggage free of taxes and duties up to a certain maximum amount. Find out more on the Finnish Customs website.

Animals, alcohol, tobacco products, medicines, foodstuffs and firearms are subject to special import rules. 

Customs rules for online purchases and gift consignments

If goods that you order online are produced in the EU or customs-cleared there, you do not need to clear the goods through Customs or pay import duties on them. If your order is shipped to you from outside the EU, as a rule you have to declare the goods and pay customs duty and value-added tax on them. You can find more information on the Finnish Customs website.

If you get a gift from outside the EU customs and tax territory, you must declare the gift consignment and pay any import duties on it. More information on the Finnish Customs website.

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