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Here you can read about the rules that apply if you move to Åland and you have a driving licence or if you need or want to get a new driving licence.

If you move to Åland temporarily you can keep your driving licence from your home country.

Foreign driving licences in Åland

You are entitled to drive a private car in Åland with a driving licence issued in the Nordic countries and the other EU and EEA countries. If you live in Åland permanently you can exchange your driving licence for an Åland driving licence. You exchange your driving licence at the Åland police authority. The fees for exchanging driving licences are available from the Åland police authority. 

If you have a driving licence from the Faroe Islands or Greenland you can drive a private car with that licence for one year from your entry to Åland. After a year your licence can not be exchanged for an Åland licence; you will need to get an Åland licence to be able to continue driving in Åland. You will need to take a driving test with a theory and driving examination. Check with the Åland police authority about the rules that apply to you.

For provisional licences, renewal of driving licences, exchange of driving licences or change of driving licence category, ask the Åland police authority. A foreign driving licence issued to you after becoming a permanent resident of Åland is not valid in Åland. Check with the police to see what applies to you.

Getting an Åland driving licence

If you want to get a driving licence in Åland you need to take driving lessons either at a school of motoring or with a private person who has a driving instruction permit. Check with the Åland police authority for driving instruction permits. Before you can start your driving lessons you need to contact the Vehicle authority. You take your theory test and driving examination at the Vehicle authority.

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If you have questions about applying for a driving licence, renewing a driving licence or exchanging your driving licence you can contact the Åland police authority

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