Death of a family member in Åland

En anhörigs död på Åland
Freyja Finnsdottir
Here you can find out about what you need to do if a family member who lives permanently in Åland, or is a citizen of another Nordic country, dies in Åland. You can find out about notification of death, notifying a record of death to another Nordic country, inheritance and inheritance tax, estate inventory, burial etc.

You can read about notifying a record of death to another Nordic country, estate inventory, inheritance and inheritance tax on the page Death of a family member in Finland. Åland applies the same laws as in Finland.

Notification of death in Åland

In Åland it is the State Department of Åland that registers deaths if the person has a Finnish personal identity code (personal number). If a person who lives in Åland permanently and is a citizen of another Nordic country dies in Åland, the record of death is generally not notified directly to the authorities in the other Nordic country. Contact the State Department in cross-border situations.  On the State Department’s website you can find out about notification of death, who issues the death certificate and grants a funeral permit and who else family members need to notify a death to.


The only funeral home in Åland, Nocturne, is in Mariehamn and can help you with most of the details of a bereavement. For example, they can arrange transport for Swedish citizens who pass away in Åland but whose funeral is held in Sweden. If you have questions, you can contact Nocturne.

Survivors’ pensions for family members

In some cases you may be entitled to an allowance if a family member dies. Read more about survivor’s pensions on the page Survivor’s pensions in Åland.

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