Guide: Moving from the Faroe Islands

Flytte fra Færøerne til udlandet
In this section you can read about what you need to be aware of when moving from the Faroe Islands.

Where should I notify my relocation when I move from the Faroe Islands?

The relocation must be notified to the municipality to which you are moving. If you are moving to another Nordic country, you must register as relocated from the Faroe Islands, if your new municipality requires that you be registered with them.

You must be registered in the new municipality in the new Nordic country before your former Faroese municipality can register you as having moved away.

If you move to a country outside the Nordic region for a period shorter than six months, you can remain registered in the Faroe Islands. If your stay abroad lasts longer than six months, you must notify your former Faroese municipality.

If a foreigner moves abroad from the Faroe Islands

If you come from a Nordic country and live in the Faroe Islands, you automatically have right of residence. 

However, the rules are different for citizens from outside the Nordic region, and for those who move from the Faroe Islands.

As a foreigner from outside the Nordic region, your residence permit may be cancelled if you travel out of the Faroe Islands for a long period of time, or cease to be resident in the Faroe Islands. This also applies even if you have a permanent residence permit.

If your residence permit is cancelled, you may not be able to return to the Faroe Islands again.

If, as a foreigner, you have lived legally in the Faroe Islands for less than two years, you may spend periods of up to six months outside the Faroe Islands.

If you have lived legally in the Faroe Islands for more than two years, and you have a residence permit that can be made permanent, you may spend periods of up to twelve months outside the Faroe Islands.

If these time limits are exceeded, your residence permit will be cancelled.

Periods spent abroad due to military service or equivalent substitute service are not included.

Periods of time spent in Greenland or in Denmark are considered to be periods spent abroad.

You can apply for an exemption from the cancellation of your residence permit.

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