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Here you can read about the opportunity to borrow assistive devices in Norway. You may be entitled to borrow devices if you have a permanent disability. ‘Permanent’ means lasting for more than two years. If you need assistive devices temporarily, contact the municipality in which you live or buy them yourself.

What is an assistive device?

An assistive device is an object or an intervention that helps people with disabilities solve practical problems. An assistive device can be one of several interventions that make everyday activities easier if you need adaptation.

There are 13 Assistive Technology Centers around Norway, run by the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). The main rule is that you may borrow the assistive devices you need, but on occasions you may instead receive an allowance to buy the assistive device you need. For other assistive devices, you must buy and cover the costs yourself.

Assistive devices can be technical devices, such as wheelchairs, adapted beds, or small devices for use in the kitchen and bathroom. Assistive devices may also be equipment for use on the body, such as orthopaedic footwear, prosthetic breasts, or hearing aids.

You can find an overview of many assistive devices in the Assistive Device Database.

What conditions must you satisfy to be eligible for assistive devices, and how do you apply?

You must have a permanent disability or considerably reduced functional impairment to apply for assistive devices. You can apply for allowances for assistive devices if you know what you need, but it can be worthwhile contacting the healthcare services in your municipality. They can help you identify your needs. Often, an occupational therapist in the municipality can help you with the application process regarding assistive devices.

In some workplaces and some educational institutions, the occupational health services can help you apply for the relevant assistive devices.

Different devices have different application forms and documentation requirements.

Can I take assistive devices to another Nordic country?

Generally, you may take your assistive devices on holidays and shorter stays in other EEA countries. If you move abroad and intend to stay there longer than 12 months, apply to NAV to see if you can keep the assistive devices.

What should you do if you borrow assistive devices in your home country and move to Norway?

If you are moving to Norway from another Nordic country where you receive allowances for assistive devices, you should check whether you can take the assistive devices from your home country. Before you move, contact the relevant agency in the country from which you are moving.

Who should you contact if you have questions?

Contact NAV or the municipal healthcare service.

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