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If you have a disability, you can read here about how to apply for assistive devices, and about the allowance for assistive devices in Sweden. You can also find information about what applies if you want to move to another country with your Swedish assistive devices.

In Sweden, there are different types of assistive devices for you if you have a disability.

Most of the assistive devices in Sweden are provided through the healthcare service in municalities or healthcare regions. Municipalities and regions are obliged to make assistive devices available as part of a health and medical treatment initiative. Contact the healthcare services (vården) to arrange an assessment of your needs.

You may obtain some assistive devices for work by applying for an allowance from the Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan). Other allowances can be obtained through the health care services, the municipality, your employer, or the Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen). Sometimes you may receive benefits from both Försäkringskassan and one or more other actors.

If you live, work, or are staying in Sweden and you have a disability, you have the same right to apply for assistive devices as Swedish citizens. The conditions you must satisfy to be eligible for the different benefits vary.

For some benefits, you must live and work in Sweden, but for others, it is enough if you either live or work in Sweden.

Which benefits can I apply for in Sweden?

You apply for the following allowances at Försäkringskassan. On the Försäkringskassan website, you can find more detailed information about which benefits you can apply for from the agency.

Regardless of what type of support you need, you may also need to contact other actors, such as the Public Employment Service or the Swedish health care services, for help.

  • Car allowance: Car allowance (bilstöd) is an allowance you can receive if you have a permanent disability and have major difficulties getting around on your own or using public transportation. Car allowance is for buying or adapting a car to your needs. Adults and parents of a child with disability can receive car allowance.
  • Assistive devices for work: The employer is responsible for assistive devices that are normally necessary at the workplace, for example if you need a height-adjustable desk. If you have a disability or illness that means you need special assistive devices to enable you to work, you or your employer may receive an allowance from Försäkringskassan. This applies if you have been employed by the same employer for at least a year.

If you have not been employed for at least a year, you must contact the Public Employment Service. They can help with assistive devices that will make it easier for you to get or keep a job.

The health care service helps with assistive devices that you need for your everyday life or for care and treatment.

  • Additional cost allowance: You can receive an allowance if you have additional costs (merkostnadsersättning) as the result of your disability, and the additional costs are greater than those that are normal for people of your age. You are entitled to the allowance if the costs exceed a fixed minimum amount per year. Both adults and children can receive this allowance.

How do I apply for the allowance in Sweden?

On the Försäkringskassan website, you can find information about who is eligible for the allowance and how to apply.

Can I move to Sweden with an assistive device from another country?

If you move to Sweden and have an assistive device from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, or Norway, you should contact the organisation in your home country that gave you the assistive device and ask if you can keep it.

Can I move to another country with an assistive device from Sweden?

If you are staying in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, or Norway for a longer period, and have assistive devices from Sweden, you must notify Försäkringskassan. This also applies if you move to that country or will be working there.

Can I take my assistive devices with me when I am going to stay temporarily in Sweden?

If you are staying in Sweden temporarily, and have an assistive device from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, or Norway, you should contact the agency in your home country that gave you the assistive device and ask if you can take it to Sweden. If you are not allowed to keep the assistive device, you can apply to get one in Sweden. You do this at Försäkringskassan, the Public Employment Service, or the health care service.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

On the Försäkringskassan website, you can read more and find answers to your questions. You can also call the Försäkringskassan Customer Centre, +46 (0)771-524 524.

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