Social security in Åland

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Here you will find information on social benefits, sickness allowance, pensions, housing allowance, reimbursement for medical expenses and rehabilitation in Åland.

The authority that manages basic social security in Åland and Finland is called the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela). 

What is social security?

Being insured in a country means being entitled to social security benefits in that country. Usually you are insured in the country where you work. 

Social security provides financial security for families, persons of retirement age, or persons with disabilities, occupational diseases or illnesses.

You must always find out which country is responsible for your social security if you move.

If you move to Åland/Finland permanently, you can generally get Kela benefits from the time when you move.
When you apply for a benefit, Kela assesses whether you can be deemed to be living permanently in Åland/Finland or whether you are entitled to Kela benefits based on your employment. The assessment of where you are considered to be resident depends for example on whether you are a return migrant, whether you have long-term employment in Åland/Finland or have close family ties to a person already resident in Åland/Finland. Kela may also consider your residence to be permanent if you have previously resided in Finland for at least a year.

Social security benefits

You can apply for Kela benefits and a Kela card in Kela’s e-services. If you have moved to Åland/Finland and have not previously applied to Kela for benefits or a Kela card, in addition to applying for the benefits or the Kela card you must also make a notification of move to Åland/Finland. Make a notification. You will get a decision on the benefits in writing, which is sent to the address you have given. If you are considered to have moved to Finland permanently, you will get a Kela card. You can check what stage the processing of your application is at and to what extent you are entitled to social security in Kela’s e-services. If you have online banking codes for an Åland/Finnish bank you can choose to make your application in Kela’s e-services. Application forms are available on Kela’s website, where you can complete them, print them out and mail them to Kela, POB 10, 00056 Kela.

More information

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If you have questions about your entitlement to Kela benefits if you live or work in Åland, you can contact Kela

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