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Here you can read about the main things you need to bear in mind if you are thinking of looking for a job in Åland.

If you are thinking about looking for a job in Åland, there are a number of things you need to bear in mind. These include job hunting, recognition of diplomas, taxes, social security, moving, housing etc. Below you can find a checklist of important things to think about if you want to work in Åland.

Work and residence permits in Åland

If you are a citizen of a Nordic country, you can move to Åland to live and work without the need for a visa, work permit or residence permit. You can read about who needs a work or residence permit to move to Åland and how to register on the page Work and residence permits in Åland.

Job hunting in Åland

You can find information on job hunting in Åland on the Info Norden website.

Are you job hunting in Åland on unemployment benefit from another Nordic country?

If you are getting unemployment benefit from anther EU or EEA country, you can generally receive your benefit for up to three months while you are looking for a job. You can find more information on the Info Norden website.

Recognition of foreign diplomas in Åland

Here you can read about how to get your foreign diploma recognised in Åland. You can also read about validation in Åland and how it works.

Voluntary work and job placements in Åland

Here you can read about what to do if you want to work as volunteer, do a job placement and get back into the labour market through work experience in Åland.

Trade unions in Åland

Here you can read about trade unions and their unemployment funds in Åland as well as who you can contact locally at the occupational health and safety authority. The local representatives of the trade unions in Åland are also listed in this section. You can also get information on pay and employment terms by contacting the trade union that is relevant for you.


When you start working you need a Finnish personal identity code (personal number) and a Finnish tax card. To be able to pay tax on your wages your employer needs a tax card, which you can get from the local tax authority, the Åland tax office in Mariehamn. Remember to have a valid ID document with you.

Social security and healthcare and family benefits in Åland

Being insured in a country means being entitled to social security benefits in that country. Read about social security in Åland and about moving from Sweden to Åland here. You can also read about healthcare and family benefits in Åland.

Working or living in other Nordic countries

In certain situations you need to pay particular attention to your taxation and social security. Nordisk eTax is made up of officials from the Nordic tax authorities. Read about taxes if you live in a Nordic country but work in a different Nordic country.

This applies

  • if you live in Åland and work in another Nordic country
  • if you live in another Nordic country and work in Åland

Seasonal jobs for young people

Nordjobb arranges seasonal jobs in the Nordic countries and the EU for persons aged between 18 and 30 years.

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