Starting a business in Denmark

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Here you can read about starting a business, hiring staff, and selling and trading in Denmark.

On this page you will find useful links for companies planning to establish themselves in Denmark. At the bottom of the page, there is also information for Danish companies planning to establish themselves in, or trade with, other Nordic countries.

At the Your Europe portal, you can learn more about the rules for starting a business in another EU or EEA country. Enterprise Europe Network is a network that can help you with questions about the EU and the European market.  

Starting a business in Denmark

Information on setting up, recruiting staff and running a business in Denmark is available from various authorities. You can obtain specific details on how to plan and get started with your business, and how to choose a company form and company name, create a business plan and register your business.

  • At the website of the Danish Business Authority, you can find information about registering companies in Denmark.
  • The Business Guide is your one-stop shop for help and guidance on starting, running and growing your business. The Business Guide was created to make it easier for entrepreneurs and businesses to get concrete help and navigate among the laws and regulations.
  • is the digital portal for businesses to the public sector. This is where you can register your business in Denmark, and on the site you can also obtain access to self-service across the public sector. Here you will amongst other things find information on the social security contributions that employers have to pay under “total payments”. You can also find out whether your business needs to be registered in the Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT).
  • At you will find information about tax and VAT.
  • You can find information in English about running a business in Denmark at the ‘Business in Denmark’ page of the Danish Business Authority.
  • At, you can search for employees and place job vacancy notices.
  • On the pages of Info Norden, you can find information about which professions are regulated in Denmark and therefore require authorisation.
  • If your company wants to establish itself in the Øresund region, you can contact Øresunddirekt Business. 

Danish companies in the Nordic region

Danish companies wishing to establish themselves in or trade with foreign countries can obtain help from the Trade Council or the Danish Business Authority. If your company wishes to establish itself in the Øresund region, you can contact Øresunddirekt Business.

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